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Welcome to the website which l have called "ozyobbo" I don't actually know why l gave this site such a silly name, l guess that is just part of my sense of humour.... and the fact that sometimes l am a bit of a clown and occasionally look like a bit of a yobbo..... well actually l look like a"yobbo" most of the time
This site has been put together for virtually anyone and everyone to use. The blog that has been included in this site is designed to allow people such as you and me to post our thoughts, feelings, problems, issues, complaints, drama's, fantasies, dreams and desires.
As moderator of this site l will endeavor to treat people as l would like to be treated. What l mean by that is, I will permit a lot more than many other blog sites. Also l will allow people to promote their businesses, their websites, their products, goods and services.
While l will allow people to post and include links to various websites, l do require the post to be more than just a few words. If you would like to post your links, that will be fine.... so long as you post a bit of decent content in your post.
This site and myself are here to assist people where ever possible. If there is something that l can do to help make your time on this site easier or more useful please let me know and l will take all suggestions on board and do what l can to make and keep you all happy.
Unlike many other blogs, l understand that sometimes a bit of colourful language is helpful to express ones self properly, as such l do allow the use of "naughty" language..... but keep in mind that there are people out there who may not see the humour in too much swearing and cursing, so please do keep it to a minimum.
I should say a few words on behalf of the potential victims of abuse...... Please keep in mind that we are all human beings and we deserve to be respected...... the only exceptions might be politicians, and used car salesmen.... ok lets go easy on the used car salesmen.
On a serious note, there will be difference of opinion in the blogging and some people might become quite argumentative or even angry and frustrated by some peoples views, values, ideas, thoughts, conclusions and beliefs, but keep in mind that we do have that right and shouldn't come under vicious attack simply because we said something different to what you may have said.
If anyone feels like they are being attacked in a nasty manner by another user please contact Pete and l will do what l can to help.
The main purpose of this site was to allow people to interact and agree or disagree  on various topics, without the moderator taking sides and silencing one point of view. I hope that we are able to achieve a platform which allows a good and fair opportunity for one and all to express themselves, without the fear of being the recipient of pointless abusive replies.
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